Journal Entry: Day 144

Colombo, Sri Lanka,

More time spent in this city, I start to see the bad sides of living there on a long term, which is good because I can be critical about it. Many high-end and luxurious places are accessible because it is a fraction of the price it would be in Western countries. That said, I don’t find a lot of middle-range options. I see the big gap between rich and poor. I don’t feel comfortable about staying here. The city is noisy and chaotic, it is hard to go from one place to another. The usual taxis (tuk-tuk) which are everywhere, honk every time they see you and it’s pretty annoying, it really gets me on my nerve. This can be practical, but taking tuk-tuk is only good for short rides, they never have money change and usually speak a very basic English. After trying applications like uber or pickme, I would say they are not efficient and reliable here, sometimes there is no driver, or they cancel before, or they do not come, or they do not understand the drop location even after calling.
Yesterday I learned that the national museum opened back, it was closed last week. So I took this opportunity to visit it. It was an interesting visit.
Then, I worked on the edit of the bats sound, I am very happy with the recording I did in Pottuvil near Arugam bay, there are very few noises and the sound is sharp, exactly what is needed.
I also booked my accommodation in the new country I am going to.
I have learned about new restrictions in France for people not vaccinated. I am worried I won’t be able to get the vaccine before coming to France at end of August, and even if I get the vaccine, I am not sure it would be recognized. They say without vaccines you can’t access restaurants, shopping centers, trains, …. it is pretty much anywhere that I would not be able to go. I could get the vaccine in France, but it will take maybe 1 month before I got the 2 doses. So I am very reluctant in going to France. I am very sad since I already booked my accommodation and was already envisioning a kind of ‘normal life’ to rediscover France after 11 years of not living there. But all these restrictions are killing my plans. I probably will have to cancel, and pay extra for cancelation fees, or the second option is to find a place where I can get the vaccine before the end of August!
I am again in the blur zone, not knowing what and where, anyway I will find a way about that.

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