Journal Entry: Day 137

Kandy, Sri Lanka,

Today I arrived in the city of Kandy in the middle of the country, it is located at an altitude of 500m on a plateau, the temperatures are a little fresher than around the coast but warmer than Ella.
It is the second-largest city in the country but it still feels like a big town. There are hills all around which makes a beautiful landscape. The duration time to arrive there from Ella was approximately 4 hours. I didn’t do much yet apart from walking around my place. There is a lot more traffic than any place I have been to in Sri Lanka, but it still walkable.
The room I found is very well designed, one of the tastiest rooms I have stayed in so far, an Asian-infused with mud walls, and wood furniture. On top of the building, there is a rooftop from which I can record some soundscapes. The train track is passing just in front of my window. Most of the interesting places to see are closed because of covid restrictions like the famous temple of the tooth relic, and the botanical garden; however I am free to roam around and walk in the streets, which can be quite interesting. The city has many facets and various parts. I believe some cafes are open but I have learned that it is illegal for them to accept dine-in at the time being. As the rules are still not clear some take this confusion to their advantage and open store.
I have booked only 2 nights here but I might decide to stay longer. It is a large city, and I believe 1 week at least is probably best, as there are many still to discover. Also, I would probably not find a better room anywhere, so I should take advantage of that and achieve the goals I did set for myself.

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