The Ambience of Geothermal Energy

One of my remarkable “around the world” adventures was my Iceland trip. Iceland is a country known for its largest glaciers and the most active volcanoes in the world. Iceland is usually often called “The Land of Fire and Ice” or “The land of light and darkness”. The variance in extreme weather conditions makes it easy for Iceland to generate Geothermal energy. Geothermal energy in Iceland is used in diverse ways, including being harnessed for heating and the production of electricity.

A road surrounded with hills

My Experience in Iceland

During my stay in Iceland, I visited a power plant and some installations in the area of Hellnar. Hellnar is a place that is profiting from the geothermal activities that sprawl all over the island. As earlier said, Iceland produces most of its power by using geothermal energy! I found it fascinating and I wanted to know more about it.

Without wasting time, I took my little rental car and drove to an area well-known for its geothermal activity, they even have a kitchen where they cook with the heat of geothermal energy! How amazing is that!!! A big power plant in Hellnar was accessible. I didn’t have to be told, I took my recorder, and captured some nice industrial sounds of the machinery, from close and from distance.

Geothermal pipes

Hellnar Geothermal Zones

There is one park in Hellnar, where you can walk and get close to the pipes. I took advantage of this opportunity to get close to the pipes and record the sound made from the pipes. The sound is made mainly by the hot pressured steam that allows some great rattle or buzz from the pipes. I then walked in the field nearby. On the hillside, there are more geothermal zones with pipes, that you can freely roam around. You should trust your favorite sound recordist to capture the amazing sounds from these pipes. You can listen to them:

A silo in an open field

Hellnar- Feel Earth Beneath your feet

I had an incredible experience in Hellnar as I felt the earth living under my feet! I haven’t felt this way in any of my tours. The earth felt so warm that I was worried that the soles of my shoes would melt with so much high temperature. Throughout my stay in Iceland, I felt closer to earth.

Geothermal Pipes emitting C02

I think other countries need to take an example of what Iceland is doing regarding geothermal energy! Other countries should consider implementing this renewable energy. Unlike other sources of energy, there is less pollution because it comes naturally from mother earth. This is a nice, neat and clean source of energy! Yellowstone could be the next hot spot! Stay tuned!

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