Journal Entry: Day 75

Lumut, Perak, Malaysia,

Yesterday I spent my day as if I was living here. My verdict is that I wouldn’t like to live long term here, but it is nice as a temporary gateway. In fact, the waterfront with the promenade and the park is probably one of the most beautiful in Malaysia. It is very enjoyable to walk or run there, one can even do rollerskate. I can compare with KLCC park but without the noisy bustling city activities. The area has some forest on the hill nearby which makes it rich in birds and Nature, I want to explore more about that. I went to Sitiawan, about 10 to 20 min away, which is where the most restaurants, cafes, and shops are. However this urbanized area is very basic and apart from some mosques, has nothing nice, it is flat with only long streets with uninteresting buildings, and architectures. I However found some good places where I can do some work, and have some good food, and coffee too.

These days, I am releasing new Artbits sound libraries, the ‘construction worksite ambience‘, and ‘Morocco I‘, these are long due releases that needed that I have nurtured for a few years now. The ‘construction worksite ambience’ is the collection I accumulated over the years, some are 6 years old recordings. As for the ‘Morocco I’ it contains recordings I made on my trip in 2018, it is the first part of these sounds. The second part will be released soon. I think these are some of the most interesting travel recordings I made, as Morocco has a rich culture and environment.

Today I continue ‘in the box’ works… So more coffee on the horizon…

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