Journal Entry: Day 67

Lumut, Perak, Malaysia,

Yesterday I went to Pulau Pangkor, I did 2 hours motorbike, then took the ferry from Lumut, I rented another bike there and went around the island. It is not very big, but I found very interesting and peculiar sounds and fauna. Hornbills are omnipresent along with monkeys. In the evening I found very interesting frogs sounds. This morning I saw the ruin of a Dutch fort built a long time ago when the Dutch colonized the area. It was a pretty interesting trip, I had to see this place as it is in the same state (I can’t go to any other state yet because of travel restrictions). I brought with me only Sony A10 and Mikrousi along with Clippy mics, which makes it easier to go around. I am now back in Lumut and staying there for one night.

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