Journal Entry: Day 60

Kampar, Perak, Malaysia,

So I just skipped one day in the journal, not much interesting, the day before yesterday was a low day with bad energy, couldn’t do much.
However Yesterday was really interesting, I finally went to the big cave: Gua Tempurung.

This was very very good, one of the best caves I’ve seen. I was able to go on my own on the dry path, there was no one inside, just 2 other people at one point. I was able to record a very very quiet long ambience. The path for the public is lighted up so it is very easy to just follow and walk along. The cave in itself is very long (4.5km although the part accessible to the public is about 1.9km) and very high (more than 500m).

There were different chambers and tunnels. There is a river at ground level that goes through the cave but as you walk up inside on the dry path, the sound of the river disappears leaving only sparse water drip sounds. I was mesmerized by the complete silence, I haven’t got in such a quiet place for months, maybe years. It was so silent that I could hear my own body, organs, and bones. At the first main chamber, I got lucky to record some sparse vocalizations of what some kind of bats or birds.

All in all, it was a truly unique experience, very interesting. The road that leads to the cave in itself is pretty nice, and the sound outside near the entrance of the cave is also very good as it is far from the main road and has a cliff to reflect and amplify all the natural soundscape. I would like to go back to the entrance to record the dawn chorus.

Later the same day, I was driving the bike and it began to rain, I got all wet in a matter of seconds. This did not happen to me for many months, but this is a typical weather experienced in the tropics: Sudden rain shower!

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