Journal Entry: Day 56

Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia,

So I failed to write my journal entry Yesterday,
I guess there was not so much to write, but also because I didn’t feel so well (haven’t slept correctly) the day before. So it is virtually the ‘day 57’ now, but for the sake of following numbers, I titled this journal Entry as ‘day 56’

Yesterday I arrive to Ipoh, the biggest city of the region. And just stay 1 night. It is not very far from Kampar, but with a motor scooter, it is a little tiring. I still have my base in Kampar.
On my way to Ipoh (passing by Batu Gajah) I stopped at the Kinta Nature Parc (Taman Alam Kinta). I took the opportunity to record some of the ambiences and thus experiment with the newly received Clippy mics. I set up a comparison test between the Mikrousi and the Clippy, each one in their respective sony A10 (I have 2 of them).
It was a nice surrounding, with many birds, however, we could clearly hear the noise of the road from afar.
Then once arrived Ipoh, I went to the old town, recording sounds around and in the famous Concubine Lane. A small vintage alley that has some shops, and is very popular with locals.
This morning early I went to the temple Kek Look Tong near the hill and cliff. A very famous place, I arrived at dawn, but the place was not open yet, it opens at 9. I could record nice short ambience around this place; but the few dogs there were not happy to see me, although they were liking to waste my recording with barks. I went back to the city and stroll over the Pasar Karat, the flea market that is specialized in old antique objects, and happens every Sunday all along thememory lane’.
A very typical place, and crowded. I found some interesting objects that can be useful for new projects.
Now already back in Kampar. All in all, it is a short ride by the main road, I might come back there. Ipoh is also famous for its food, they have an eating scene of their own, which develop into very nice options.

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