Journal Entry: Day 45

Kampar, Perak, Malaysia,

I went back running/jogging in the morning which I had unfortunately left in favor of going to the gym (since it reopened). I can say taking fresh air is very beneficial.
Then I met my friend, we had lunch and worked at cafe, the nice study cafe lounge which reopened after a long closure due to MCO. I liked to work in these conditions, which made me focus better.
Work is going forward, however slowly. I think it’s better to take time and do everything right, than rushing too fast. I sometimes feel I am working on tasks that are completely not related to sound, I am a little worried to deviate but it is just normal, it has been like this since the beginning of the adventure, and this is why I can live off of it.
I am supposed to receive today the Clippy mics I ordered from the UK. If everything’s right and receive it all fine, I might order more gear from abroad. It’s very fast, a matter of few days, just need to choose the right shipping company, unlike when I ordered from Singapore which took 7 or 8 weeks(??).

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