Journal Entry: Day 41

Kampar, Perak, Malaysia,

I am impressed and little scared at how fast days go by. I have the feeling I don’t achieve much in one day. I am not sure if it has always been this way, my memory tells me I had days in the past that were much more productive but should I trust my memory. The only way should be to measure. And yes I remember having days were I could be focus and productive on one task for 7 hours or more up to 10 hours a day. Nowadays it is a mere 3 to 5 hours. And this lead me to think differently this morning.
I am envisioning a new way to see a day, using 5h modules. After all, there is only 3 x 5h available in one day (after that it remains 9h which are allotted to sleep, a non-shrinkable time for me). Seeing it this way make it more manageable, and show me that I really truly don’t have so much time in one day, 5h is very much foreseeable. Yes time is precious and I should really be careful about my time. This struggle is not new, I think everyday I am striving for that, and I probably will do every other day.
So first module 7am to 12 (morning), then 12 to 5pm (afternoon), and lastly 5 to 10pm (evening). If I separate this way, I could approximately plan for each module 1h preparation and 1h wind down, so it remains 3h of complete focus time, meaning 3×3=9h productive time per day. Let’s try that.

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