Journal Entry: day 30

Kampar, Perak, Malaysia,

Today is the 19th day of MCO in Perak, a semi-lock down. Cannot go travel more than 10km.
I am in a student city with various university and I can perceive that it is reflecting onto my current state of mind. I am more inclined of learning since I arrived here. I have started many courses on various topics, and I am eager to learn more. What’s next after learning? ..teaching?. I believe this is in my radar for a long time. I am also reflecting that on the Articulated business. Yesterday I have been planning some new great contents that will be channeled by an Articulated educational program. I am crafting the proposition and I think I have something really interesting to put up out there.
So I am more busy about these. I also dig up the sound of my archives too. Many great projects are being curated. I feel I am now in a productive routine that will lead to great outcome.

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