Journal Entry: Day 223

Los Gigantes, Tenerife, Canaria Islands,

3 days have passed in Tenerife where I met my parents to spend one week together. The town we stay in is very nice along the cliffs. We visited some places around the island and did some hikes. It is good to have family time the same way as when I was young. I did not record much sound here, only a few ambiences. We plan to go to La Palma Thursday, the island with the active volcano. It will probably be fun and I will probably be able to record some interesting sounds. I am still struggling to receive a microphone I ordered from the UK, this takes a terribly long time, 1 month waiting, but if I do not receive it by Friday, it will be too late. I had such a bad experience with shipping goods in the Canary Islands, I heavily do not recommend trying to do this.

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