Journal Entry: Day 208

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Island,

Yesterday I went to find a new AC adapter for the laptop, the current one I have is too bulky and heavy in my opinion. Hence I explored the West part of the city (the south portion of las Canteras beach). I found a cafe to work from, doing some research about the new project. I feel my current gear configuration is good for ambience and Nature, but I still feel there could be a place for better spot-on sound capture, even though I now have the mkh8060 with me. In fact, the possibility to capture up to 100KHz (with Sanken co100k) is starting to haunt me for this project specifically. I am ok with finding alternatives since I do not own the co-100k anymore. I like to think that limit in hardware forces to find creativity elsewhere. This project will probably push me in another direction than only relying on gear capacity.

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