Journal Entry: Day 202

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Island,

Today is my 5th day at this location off of a 1-month long stay. I decided to dedicate this month to working in the box ( meaning I have a lot of projects and sounds already recorded that I need to plan and release ). I am thus taking this time to get into a productive daily routine. Living in a co-living house helps it a lot, I can have the support that I wouldn’t have by being on my own. I am now starting to feel completely settled down here. It’s an interesting city. The pace of the people is more chill than the mainland even though it has the size of a metropolis. The elements of Nature are omnipresent, and I like it. Today I continue with the same work. It takes time to listen to the sounds and select them but it is part of the job, it isn’t just fun outdoor exploration.

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