Journal Entry: Day 170

Montpellier, France,

A new day in my birthplace region! I am starting to be acclimatized to the place. Yesterday I went to my parent’s place, the house where I grew up. Going by bicycle from Montpellier, my senses brought me back in time through the tunnel of memory. I was smelling the countryside of my childhood, hearing birds, and feeling the sun burning my skin, a sensation I did not have for a long time. Here the air is drier than most of the places I have been in the past 10 years, and you can actually really feel the ray of the sun going through the skin. I also could witness new kinds of birds that I have never heard of before in this region.
I am happy with the apartment I’m staying in, the area around is very nice and enjoyably with large walkable space.
I found and put into practice a new tool to help me managed my micro SD cards. Those cards are very incredible on how much space they can hold compare to their sizes, I have a few of them that are 512Gb and make a possible alternative or complement to hard drives that help me reduce bulk, space, and weight in my bag. The issue I had before was to be able to store them and identify their content quickly. Because they are so small it’s impossible to write onto them. I found a solution which I really appreciate, it is a cardholder that can firmly contain 8 of them, and has writeable labels onto it with enough space to be able to identify the content, it will also make my cards less prone to be lost. A pretty simple and neat solution that is useful for me.

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