Journal Entry: Day 147

Kyiv, Ukraine,

It has been a few days now that I am in the capital city of Ukraine.
It is a beautiful city with very clean and large streets, many paved. It has also a lot of beautiful old buildings and interesting architecture. It is to my surprise a very lively city. And as it is summer, everyone is out up and walking outside. The covid cases are very low, and it seems as if there is or was not any pandemic here. All cafes and restaurants are opened normally, and many runs at full capacity. I went and see some of the known tourist places even though I do not like these kinds of places usually, I had to check that a little. Kyiv is huge and of course, I can’t see it all. They have the deepest metro station in the world, the escalators are impressively long. I will still stay here for at least 1 more week. I have Russian classes every day. I would gladly go to a less populated place afterward. Along with Colombo, I have been to very crowded places lately.

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