Journal Entry: Day 131

Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka,

Days are alike lately and for good reasons. I’m engaged in a routine, with gym in the morning, then work at the co-work until sunset or sometimes later, then sleep; and in-between I am trying to get nice meals.
So not much to talk about apart from the work. I am seeing the end of the tunnel with the libraries update, and the UCS. Will be able to have the libraries in the system very soon.
This morning was different though. I went with my bicycle on the road south which leads to Panama, I went up to the infamous Elephant rock. I was surprised at how little noise there was. It was very silent at some point, in the middle of the fields, not many trees, sea, and habitations, therefore it felt surprisingly large with the sight but also with the ears. I made one recording there next to the road, as there was as little traffic as only one vehicle every 2 minutes maybe. Then on the way to Elephant rock, it is a small path in the sand, along a lagoon, it is known to have crocodiles and elephants nearby, but I couldn’t spot either of these. It was probably not the right time. I will for sure go back on this road, as it is really not far from the village, even by bicycle, I could also rent a motorbike or rent a tuk-tuk. I will see. I have learned that they temporarily lift restrictions on Monday but put them back on Wednesday. I am not sure how it works, there might be more noise by Monday, or not. Very not sure about what is happening in this country. Rules are not clear, and all English-translated statements are not official, so they can be misunderstood.
I am planning on leaving Arugam Bay on June 25 anyway. Then will try to reach Ella. So until then I have some time to would like to explore more, and overall try to find in this area the bats I need to record.

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