Journal Entry: Day 127

Hiriketiya, Dikwella, Sri Lanka,

Again few days passed by, and still the same lockdown. It is sad to be obliged to stay home in these beautiful surroundings. But it might change today. In fact, I decided to move to another place on the East coast, called Arugam bay. It seems at this particular place, because it is a tourism spot and has no covid cases, the places are more opened, and you can roam freely and enjoy a more ‘normal’ life. I will see how it goes, at least it sounds like a better place to be and wait for travel restrictions to be lifted. My worries I had about this place was the possibility to find the bat (flying foxes), and after some research and discussion with some people, it seems that I can also find the fruit bats nearby the area, in fact in the whole Sri Lanka it is possible to encounter these kinds of bats. Therefore I am going there more serene as I know that I can continue my work of recording the bats there as well. Now I have to pack again, and waiting for a DHL package that was supposed to arrive Monday or Tuesday, still not here, but it is almost sure that it will arrive today hopefully.

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