Journal Entry: Day 125

Hiriketiya, Dikwella, Sri Lanka,

Another 2 days have passed in a blink of an eye.
I finally activated the new website for Articulated, it is online: .
There are still work to do since I have few bugs here and there, and some adjustments to make for responsive mobile and other stuff. It has been a difficult effort to change the website as it has become a complex hybrid of content and functionalities. However, I am happy and relieved it finally got released and operational. I can see that it works better, faster, and more fluid than the previous one. Moreover, all the basics functions are working correctly and I could reactivate the direct credit card payment option by way of Stripe. Even though I have not announced yet the new website I already got a sale which is very encouraging!
Overall the website now feels more solid and trustworthy which was not the case for the old buggy monster that was there for 5 years! It was time to change.
Today I was reflecting on my decision to book ahead of time an accommodation (3 months in advance), and I felt this is the best decision I made lately. It puts me in a mindset that allows me to free myself to create a sense of structure and goal that motivates me in the present moment. Because I know where I am going, I can erase fear and worries in my head. It reminds me of when I booked my workshop in Chiang Mai, it was also 3 or 4 months ahead of time, and I can remember it was one of the best momentum I could create in my nomad life (btw the workshop itself was very good too). I really do think that planning for something like 3 months ahead of time is a very powerful tool that I should include in a ritual/routine. 3 months is a semester, an entire season, thus it makes sense to follow the natural flow of seasons. In this uncertain world, living a location-independent life, it is not easy to find anchors that allow me to grow and be emancipated. 3 months is also a mid-term goal, and it is exactly my weakest planning timeframe; therefore it greatly completes my self-life management. Indeed planning for a long-term goal is easy and fun, you just project your best wishes in the future without worried. Planning short-term is also easy, as it is directly related to the current basic needs and tasks you want to achieve, and it just flows naturally. The mid-term goal planning is the trickiest, thus putting a fixed target set in time and place strengthen my vision and give me a sense of stability and direction. I like it very much, so from now on I will plan something every 3 or 4 months ahead of time. It does not have to be accommodation or workshop, it can be anything that has a fixed location and a fixed time, and to which I am committed.

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