Journal Entry: Day 107

Tangalle, Sri Lanka,

Yesterday I explored around the great place I stay. The balcony view here is incredible.
I recorded morning dawn, as there are wonderful birds around here.
I also explored the old city of Tangalle. But again like Mirissa, there is not much open there. Most of the places are closed since the pandemic. I also rested a little as I have been moving a lot these last few days, and I tried to plan my next few days. It is difficult as the covid situation here is getting worse and worse every day, they might impose travel restrictions. I anyway decided to go to Tissamaharama, as they have more bats there. It is the city from where all the safaris to the national parks are starting. Unfortunately, right now all the parks are closed, and thus the safaris are not working. However, this city is on my way to either Ella, or Arugam bay which I have heard a lot; and it seems logical to stop there.

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