Room Tone in the Prison

Prison roomtone

We visited this old prison in Ottawa which has been re-affected and now holds an hostel! The cold reverberated sound coming from the stone wall amplified the eerie atmosphere of this moment.
A definitely unique place with its own unique sounds!


Roomtones in Ecuador

roomtone Ecuador

I could record some roomtones in the room I had in Quito. This was in the Marescal Neighborhood, with a vivid nightlife going on at night which could be heard from distance. I captured different times of the day with birds singing in the morning and cars honking  during the days.

Recording Roomtones of a Traditional Andean Housing

Traditionnal Andean Roomtone

I have been blessed to find a traditional quechua family near the town of Cotacachi in the Andes of Ecuador. They were so nice, prepared meals and having a bed in their farm. I could record great room tones of the place. I setup my beloved quad mic config, a double ORTF, and got some nice quiet sounds.


Roomtones in traditional quechua house