World’s largest palm grove!

Recording ambiences & specifics in the world’s largest palm grove, along the Draa valey! Superbe

Unfortunately, the Draa river, that is supposed to pass by the valley, is dry!
No water around! This is due to the dam located upstream at Ouarzazate.
I think it has been like that for 30 years now. But from time to time to let some water flow from upstream. I didn’t witnessed this.
However, local people have to find water for their agriculture, so they dig wells that can go as deep as hundreds of meters in the ground! (and thus draining the last drops from the groundwater)

These were nice recordings, even though a road is passing all along and the traffic resonates from the mountains around.
There were musicians playing traditional music, thus enriching the place with special local vibes.

the Sahara – Witnessing Quietude!

Sahara desert

It is remarkable to not hear any sound, and this is what I experienced in the desert! The sand absorbs any reverberation and any sound is dampened.

It was not all quiet though! At times I could hear distant motorbikes. And in the morning really sparse birds around the few trees in here.
The most notable sound comes from “wind”! It creates this noise from the motion of grains of sands but also the palms if there any trees here.

A truly great soundscape experience!

at night
the camp
me on my camel!

Walking to the water

walking desert

Walking in the mountains and finding water source in such dry place! We drank tea at Tizgui, I could record incredible frogs in the source canyon!