Messing around with dry ice!

Here it goes, I’ve finally been able to put my hands on DRY ICE! This literally burns on bare skin! Who knows?
So with gloves I spent all night up and messing around to try various interactions of the dry ice with objects and materials.

This has been pretty exciting!

Thanks to my friends Pablo and Charles for providing me with some dry ice. This was nicely inspiring.

Here is a sample from the recording session. Recorded with Sennheiser mkh-418 and Sanken Co-100k to get those high frequency in.

Funny to play with and pitch shift.

This sample is available to download and free to use in commercial projects following this licence

Northern Forest from this January

northern forest

Along with last year winter trip, I went few days this year near Saint Michel-des-Saints and saint-Zenon in the Laurentian forest.

I went around snowy trails in traditional snowshoes


I was able to record a lot of footsteps sounds in the snow with or without snowshoes.

Recording Winter Soundscape

I mostly tried to capture the typical winter soundscape in the forest, which is mostly based on the absence of sound 🙂
Snow being a natural sound absorber, it feels really empty being out there, although at times distant birds call and tweets resonate through a forest and echoes on hills: the show of Nature.

Cod Winter Nature

trees in winter



Snowy white Snow Forest (last year trip)

snowy winter forest

Last year, at the end of February / Beginning of March, I did a trip in the northern forests of Montreal, Quebec. Near Rawdon, there are some great pieces of typical forest.
This was the first part of a series of winter forests recording sessions.

I stayed 3 days recording day and night ambiences of the snowy  Nature.
I walked many hours in the cold in order to find some interesting locations.

Even with snowshoes, it was difficult to get around as the snow was soft and deep, I easily sunk into the snow cover.

All in all it was a great time where I could record some quiet ambiences without human noise. I got some birds, crows, freezing rain, snow blizzard, chilly wind, woodpeckers…

I used a double M/S Rig with a AKG C414 configured in Bidirectionnal and 2 Rode NT5.

microphone in the snow