Messing around with dry ice!

Here it goes, I’ve finally been able to put my hands on DRY ICE! This literally burns on bare skin! Who knows?
So with gloves I spent all night up and messing around to try various interactions of the dry ice with objects and materials.

This has been pretty exciting!

Thanks to my friends Pablo and Charles for providing me with some dry ice. This was nicely inspiring.

Here is a sample from the recording session. Recorded with Sennheiser mkh-418 and Sanken Co-100k to get those high frequency in.

Funny to play with and pitch shift.

This sample is available to download and free to use in commercial projects following this licence

50 Free sounds download of the Yellow-Rumped Cacique

exotic bird sound

I recently released the Ambience Sound Library : Undiscovered Savannah and Jungle (of The Rupununi);
During the same trip, I also recorded specifics with a Telinga dish.

Today, I gathered wonderful recordings from this incredible bird!

I called it the R2-D2 bird because of its short expressive squeakiness!
The specie’s name is Yellow-Rumped Cacique.

Here is the 50 free sfx to download link and use for free, even commercially: