Trying out Telinga Dish

Telinga MK2 Snow

Last January, I was excited to try the Telinga MK2 Kit in the northern forest! I used it along with a Sennheiser MKH8090.
I took advantage of being in an uncrowded surrounding like this winter snowy forest.

Although it was a little too quiet, I successfully recorded some crows. I have to say that the conditions are not ideal to stay still for long hours as it is cold and had no tripod to hold the dish firmly.

winter lake forest horizon


This Morning Dawn Chorus in an Andean farm near Cotacachi Village

dawn in cotacachi

Early this morning I got waken up by incredibly wonderful bird songs along with some roosters around the farm.
I found it so a magical time, I was just opening my ears to the world and laid down still just enjoying this soundscape.
dawn in the farm

Then I thought: I couldn’t I record this and share it to others? I thus jumped out of the bed and in a hurry grab two microphones that I hung out of the window where the sound were coming from.

morning chorus from the window

It was difficult to access the place from outside directly as a hill was standing just in front of the wall. However the ambience was also great from the window.
I am sharing here a little sample from this little special morning at Cotacachi’s country in Ecuador:

Along with the birds, we can hear from far distance the village waking up with its church bells and some dogs.