Warmth-fully welcomed in the community of Surama

Savannah Village
the village main benab

Here in the community of Surama, time stands still. It is obvious that very few human activities have shaped the lands, giving us a chance to witness what is a pristine landscape that kept its integrity.

large benab

The local community lives in harmony with mother nature,  they eat plants that they grow themselves and fish from the river. A simple and happy way of living!
Recording Wild Soundscapes
Obviously the soundscapes in here is incredible, rich as they are so many insects, birds and animals striving in this area!

Arriving in the Rupununi: an uncharted landscape

on the track in Rupununi

The Rupununi is a wonderful place, mixed Savannahs in between Brazil and Guyana. It has an almost untouched nature scenery far from the civilized modern world! Despite its vast rich biodiversity, it has almost no tourist or very few due to various dangerous factors (crimes, …) but also the difficulty of transportation. An undiscovered place I couldn’t miss out!
Rupununi Skyline

The track to get there is a long long road crossing the rainforest from Georgetown, the one and only road in the inner country. It is ground, sand and mud all along. We drove all night long and a part of the next day with really bad road conditions. We even had a breakdown of some sort, hopefully the driver was smart enough and after 3 hours we could drive again. There are many checkpoint and it is kind of frightening as many officers look suspiciously to us. I have been told it is a really dangerous place, and anything can happen, and nobody will know.

After maybe 16 hours of bumpy, shaky treatment, we could finally enjoy the scenery.

I found very nice local people living there in the Amerindian village of Surama.
Just walking few steps out of the track and I could find a no man’s pristine nature. What a gift from the god! I recorded incredible rich soundscapes.

Recording south America Savannah


Up & About in the studio

in the studio

We have some hot stuff on the plate with lots of recordings.

In the studio

The project REM is going on until October!

We have many recording studio sessions and many more editing works coming up. So grateful for what is happening on this project involving great people and will result with world premiere sound libraries! 😉

More Planes

Cesna 150

Today’s session was all about planes.
A little Ride on the aeroclub, we got some great little sound from a Cesna-150.
Cesna 150
Cesna 150

Myriad of Small Objects!! House Exploration…


These days I started recording little things, objects I have in my apartment and probably much more if I find interesting stuff.


It is impressive to see how much things we can pile up over the years!

I did find many buttons, switch and objects with interaction.

I installed a tiny improvised booth room in my closet so I can dig up the sounds of these objects.

recording booth

I haven’t count precisely but I the number of objects I have just inside my apartment must exceed 3000. And every objects can create at least one sound, and usually many more, plus the interaction between different objects, and all the many variations that can be done.
I am pretty sure if I focus on these, I could record 50,000 sounds from only what I have in my flat! Thinking about it I just go mad!


House Exploration!

Trying out Telinga Dish

Telinga MK2 Snow

Last January, I was excited to try the Telinga MK2 Kit in the northern forest! I used it along with a Sennheiser MKH8090.
I took advantage of being in an uncrowded surrounding like this winter snowy forest.

Although it was a little too quiet, I successfully recorded some crows. I have to say that the conditions are not ideal to stay still for long hours as it is cold and had no tripod to hold the dish firmly.

winter lake forest horizon


Northern Forest from this January

northern forest

Along with last year winter trip, I went few days this year near Saint Michel-des-Saints and saint-Zenon in the Laurentian forest.

I went around snowy trails in traditional snowshoes


I was able to record a lot of footsteps sounds in the snow with or without snowshoes.

Recording Winter Soundscape

I mostly tried to capture the typical winter soundscape in the forest, which is mostly based on the absence of sound 🙂
Snow being a natural sound absorber, it feels really empty being out there, although at times distant birds call and tweets resonate through a forest and echoes on hills: the show of Nature.

Cod Winter Nature

trees in winter



Snowy white Snow Forest (last year trip)

snowy winter forest

Last year, at the end of February / Beginning of March, I did a trip in the northern forests of Montreal, Quebec. Near Rawdon, there are some great pieces of typical forest.
This was the first part of a series of winter forests recording sessions.

I stayed 3 days recording day and night ambiences of the snowy  Nature.
I walked many hours in the cold in order to find some interesting locations.

Even with snowshoes, it was difficult to get around as the snow was soft and deep, I easily sunk into the snow cover.

All in all it was a great time where I could record some quiet ambiences without human noise. I got some birds, crows, freezing rain, snow blizzard, chilly wind, woodpeckers…

I used a double M/S Rig with a AKG C414 configured in Bidirectionnal and 2 Rode NT5.

microphone in the snow