Reykjavik – the pond & the pod !

backpack globetrotter recording

First destination on my itinerary – Iceland!
On this first day, I was tired of the overnight flight,
However I did sleep maybe 30 minutes in the plane, I was excited to discover the first stop on my new journey.

I walked around Reykjavik old city centre, recording ambiences of people passing by in the street of Laugavegur, and Austurstræti and around the pond of Tjörnin.

Reykjavik Recording

Interestingly at this pond there are really a lot of migratory birds such as geese, and many more.
then, I have been stealthily recording cafes ambiences.
I also had some construction work sound.

Then I found an interesting hostel which has spaceship pod as beds.
These make interesting noise and is visually thrilling, but also sleeping in it is really an interesting experience.

Galaxy Pod

New horizon

leaving Montreal

This is it! I finally made the big jump.
Today, I left the city and the 2 countries I’ve been living in for almost 8 years: Montreal in Canada and Montreal in Quebec.
But most of all, I began a grand new journey around the world. Indeed, my utter nomadic life begins here. I left almost everything, de-cluttered all my life, and selected the ultimate possessions to keep so they can fit in only one small backpack!
I am starting a new way of living which I believe will open doors to new opportunities.
backpack sound recording
It has been many years that I’ve been thinking of it, and it has been one month that I made the big decision and acted upon making it comes true.
I believe I will be able to travel and work at the same time.
The most exciting part is that I will record sounds from all over the world, and get immersed in varieties of cultures more easily than if I would have had to get back to an attached location.
I am now free to explore anything anywhere.
The world is full of wonders! Let’s discover them…

Room Tone in the Prison

Prison roomtone

We visited this old prison in Ottawa which has been re-affected and now holds an hostel! The cold reverberated sound coming from the stone wall amplified the eerie atmosphere of this moment.
A definitely unique place with its own unique sounds!


Messing around with dry ice!

Here it goes, I’ve finally been able to put my hands on DRY ICE! This literally burns on bare skin! Who knows?
So with gloves I spent all night up and messing around to try various interactions of the dry ice with objects and materials.

This has been pretty exciting!

Thanks to my friends Pablo and Charles for providing me with some dry ice. This was nicely inspiring.

Here is a sample from the recording session. Recorded with Sennheiser mkh-418 and Sanken Co-100k to get those high frequency in.

Funny to play with and pitch shift.

This sample is available to download and free to use in commercial projects following this licence

Toronto Stealth Ambience

Toronto ambience surround recording

Following my recording sessions from New York, Chicago and Philadelphia; I wandered into the city of Toronto in ultra cold winter and snow, I focused mainly on interior public spaces.
It is such a mixed city, with many communities from all around the world.

Arriving in the city was not easy since there was a snow storm all along the road.

Using my SSS Technique (Stealth Surround System),

I finally got into shops, groceries, cafes, undergrounds, malls, subway, streetcars, recreation centers, hotels, …

It’s a long process, where I needed to find the right spot, with good open angles from the variety of sound sources, people, or other noises. Not too close or too far, with good stereo imaging, and a long enough time without disturbances, music, or unwanted noises.

On top of that, it’s always tricky to stay still for few minutes without getting noticed, so it is great to pretend doing something on this particular spot (for example, waiting for someone, or reading something on the phone, or looking at the map, or just being in awe for a supposed touristic landmark). In most cases, the action evolves and people move, so it needs a lot of adaptation on the spot.

It is so rare that the recording unfolds smoothly the way I wish it should. It is a good exercise for nerves, working on patience and tolerance.
And if it doesn’t work in one place maybe it would in another place….

exterior at the zoo …

Farts around the world!!

This one is pretty hilarious and it shed the light on a new avenue about my exploration of sound around the world !! It looks like a real book, not a joke,
There is even a video to show this book :-0 wow :

have a look:

The beauties of the Fall season!

I have to say I have been meandering through the region during the latest weeks. There are some beautiful sceneries here in Canada.

Conversely the sound at Autumn is as special as the landscape is.

Autumn Leaves

My main focus was to capture the leaves rustling in trees or on the ground.

It turned out to be quite a challenge, due to the vast amount of unwanted noises, cars, constructions, dogs, …, but also because of the wind itself:
too much wind resulted in too much pink noises coming from all trees around, too few wind is difficult to have enough sounds emanating from the rustle.

The kind of trees is also really important, some leafy branches were quite disappointing, meanwhile I got surprised by some other types of trees or leaves that would deliver incredibly subtle and rich sounds.

I have been searching zones on the map, the further as possible from the roads. I had to travel quite a bit to get away from the traffic, and even there it wasn’t easy to get satisfying soundscapes. I am still experimenting and for few days I am also performing rustling foliage inside the studio with some plants I have gathered on my way.

Autumn time recording

At fall, there are many special sounds.
I took the road and recorded leaves, wind and rustles.
Testing different configurations.
The scenery in Canada are so beautiful, with these multi-colored trees.
I am sad about the end of the warm days of summer but these changes are part of the life cycle.

50 Free sounds download of the Yellow-Rumped Cacique

exotic bird sound

I recently released the Ambience Sound Library : Undiscovered Savannah and Jungle (of The Rupununi);
During the same trip, I also recorded specifics with a Telinga dish.

Today, I gathered wonderful recordings from this incredible bird!

I called it the R2-D2 bird because of its short expressive squeakiness!
The specie’s name is Yellow-Rumped Cacique.

Here is the 50 free sfx to download link and use for free, even commercially: