Nice is Nice

Beautiful Nice city! It got the right name!

The old town has nice little colored streets with smells ans shops.
Great soundwalk in here!

Of course, the sea is omnipresent!

This floor made me dizzy somehow:

Incognito in Basel, Switzerland

I still have been in stealth mode in the city of Basel (in French: Bâle),  few hours there but great city.

Some cafe ambiences…
and also exterior places

the market

Zurich! Switzerland biggest city

Following my trip to Switzerland.

Zurich is a nice, artsy, German and bike-friendly metropolis!

Some crowds, restaurant terrace in the old city.

a small amusement parc

a greenhouse in the botanic garden.

Perfect Swiss Soundscape

What is the soundscape you have in mind whenever one speaks about Switzerland? 
I think I got this one. Not easily though. but with few days of meandering in the inner country.
Visual landscapes are more easy to capture than their corresponding soundscapes!
Partly because too many noise pollution is going on.
One main reason is that Switzerland is in the middle of Europe airplane flight paths.