Miami express ambiences session

Recording some ambiences in Miami Beach Between 2 flights.

There is a wonderful sun out there.

Honing my ninja stealth skills once again!

I got some nice café ambience as I found one that has no music playing there. Lucky day

Stealth Recording in the café. Who knows?


Florida birds singing in the street

Roomtones in Ecuador

roomtone Ecuador

I could record some roomtones in the room I had in Quito. This was in the Marescal Neighborhood, with a vivid nightlife going on at night which could be heard from distance. I captured different times of the day with birds singing in the morning and cars honking  during the days.

Authentic Endless Street Markets in Otavalo

Otavalo Markets

I have strolled around this beautiful mountain town of Otavalo as it offers some remarkable markets on weekends.

I couldn’t go to Ecuador without recording these. I took my surround stealth setup and walked in and out the markets.

First the usual market all around the streets expose some incredible textile artisans. It is a one of the biggest in South America and the stands expands all over the village. It creates this huge rich color palette and reflects on sounds as many people swarm around.

Then, there is the ‘mercado de los animales’, the animal market which is surprising mess of people and animals. With randoms cows bawling, pig shrieking, people shouting… I was so exciting to witness this scenery and record truly authentic and interesting ambiences.


Recording from the Canoe

In the Cuyabeno Reserve you are not supposed to go on your own and it ia imposed to be accompanied by a guide.

Somehow I managed to have a Canoe lent to me so I could explore some sounds around. In fact the lodge where I found shelter is surrounded by water or flooded forests and there is no other way than taking a boat if you want to go anywhere.

Stealth Recording in the town of Baños

Banos Ecuador

I wandered around the streets of this small touristy village.
It is a really interesting village that is threatened at all time by the neighbor volcano Tungurahua.  I think I walked at least 7 times the same streets throughout all the village since it is pretty small. Some streets are steep and as a result I did a lot of exercise ;-). Without counting that I hiked up the mountain this morning.


All in all I surely walked 18km  today. I haven’t seen a lot of tourist along the way. It is impressive afterwards to think I didn’t feel insecure at any time. A lot of people told me about crimes in South America but it looks that it doesn’t apply to this little town, at least from what I’ve experienced around.

Banos Ecuador

My recorder is packed with interesting Ecuadorian ambiences from the church, the market, the gymnasium, cafes.
For these recordings I chose to record with my Custom Quad Surround Stealth Setup (CQSSS) since I am really akin to translate the immersive aspect.

Banos Ecuador Panorama

Troubles with NT45-O capsule

It’s been few days I have troubles with my newly purchased NT-45-O microphone capsules from Rode.


I recently bought 2 of them in an attempt to extend the possibilities with the NT5, and have them capture omnidirectionally.
While one of the capsule is working just great, the other one is doing its own concert of loud glitchy electronica.
I am assuming they don’t like the condition in Ecuador with too much humidity.
It is a bit frustrating as I have to set back from some recording setups I had planned.
I guess this is the price to pay for the difference in buying price compared to other manufacturer.

Rode NT5

I have to admit that during past recording trips, I also experienced some glitches with Rode. Although I found them to be not horrible and I was able to remove them at editing with pretty clean results.
But this time, the issue and the resulting noise is so predominent I won’t be able to use this track for its purpose. Maybe I can collect them for a glitch sound library 😉
I have to say the sound quality from Rode is usually really excellent and that is why I kept using Rode for many years. But if their behavior is unpredictable and they can’t stand a little humidity I have no choice other than removing them from my recording setup once and for all.

In comparison I had no problem with Sennheiser MKH under any conditions. Plus the weight make them much more suitable for field recording.

High Hike around Laguna Cuicocha

Laguna Cuicocha

laguna cuicocha

This morning I got a taxi ride until the entrance of the reserve at Laguna Cuicocha. I hiked up on the edge of the mountain encircling the Laguna.

laguna cuicocha

What a wonderful scenary! From up here it is possible to see all the Otavalo valley.

Otavalo Valey

Country and urban soundscape resonates in harmony along with some birds.

Laguna Cuicocha

laguna cuicocha

In a glimpse, I recorded some Quad ambiences. Everything went so fast, I had to take the taxi back in the hour so I can jump into the bus to southern direction near the volcano Tungurahua.

my gear setup prior to Ecuador trip

audio gear setup for Ecuador

Before taking off to Ecuador , I carefully chose and packed my equipment and stuff. Here is a picture of those.
Briefly, I brought 2x Sennheiser MKH8090 for ambiences along with 2x Rode NT5 with capsule NT45A. I packed a MKH 418s for more specific subject, I took the Sanken CO-100K for extra high frequency pickup, the Tetramic from CoreSound for ambisonics recording. I also have a just correct hydrophone in case. The main recorder Sound Devices 788T-SSD. A Supplementary Battery unit RavPower, a second recorder only for security, Zoom H5.
Windshields, suspensions. I also bring a camera and a tripod I found, a Sirui which is really compact, light and practical.

From the village rooftop

Rooftop recording

At noon, I took a little time spent on top of the roof of the hostel at Cotacachi. Allowing to capture compelling and authentic Ecuadorian ambience.
From distance I can hear announcing trucks, those truck that have speakers and navigate around the village to announce whatever they try to sale.
I found them really typical and they sound great from up here, bouncing all over the houses walls and mountains. Also the view is really nice here. Could spend the day on the roof! But more adventures await me…

rooftop ambience ecuador

rooftop sound

A little extract: